Plasticware Reusable

Conforms to ISO 7056 - 1981 (E) and BS 5404 Part 1. New PP giving very high translucency. Autoclavable to 121°C for 20 min., continuous work at 100°C. Permanent graduations. Excellent chemical resistance. SUITABLE FOR FOODSTUFF.

Beakers Low Form

Made From Polypropylene

Chemical and Heat Resistant

Short Stem Funnel

Made From Polypropylene 

Chemical and Heat Resistant

Funnel Long Stem

Made from Polypropylene Chemical and Heat Resistant

Measuring Cylinder Polypropylene

Tall Form made from semi-transparent

 autoclavable plastic

showing good Chemical & Solvent Resistance

Wash Bottle Integral

With Integral  Delivery Spout. 

 Narrow Shape Allows For Easy Grip.  

 Soft & Pliable Body


Wash Bottle Narrow Neck

Wash Bottle. Round, Narrow Neck,  Colour Coded

Bottles Narrow Neck PE

Storage Bottle, Cylindrical, Graduated with Screw Cap and Inner Stopper.

 Cap can be  wired for safety

Bottle Wide Mouth PE

Storage Bottle, SquarenGraduated with Screw Cap and Inner 

  Cap can be wired for Safety

Test Tube Rack

Asporator With Tap