EJ Series Compact Balance

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  • Description
  • The A&D EJ Series Compact Balance outperforms other higher priced scales while still maintaining a compact size. These accurate, high quality, attractive, stackable units are perfect for applications where portability or easy storage are paramount.


    • Unique & Engaging Colour Scheme
    • Three years warranty
    • Multiple Measurement Units including a counting and percentage mode
    • Security Feature for protecting the balance from theft
    • Stacking Feature allows easy and convenient storage of multiple units
    • Calculates Density automatically when using the optional Density Determination Kit
    • Simple Keyboard Function
    • AC or Battery Operation (4 x AA)
    • Configurable Mode Key allows customisation of balance to suit users needs
    • Backlit Display can be set to switch off after a specified time period
    • Underhook weighing on 0.1g models only
    • Comparator Function gives a visual reference against a set target weight
    • Modular Styling allows simple fitting of the breeze break and density options

    School specials available! Please contact sales@aispl.com.au for the best price.

    3 Year Warranty


    Model Capacity Resolution
    EJ-210 210 g 0.01 g
    EJ-123 120 g 0.001g
    EJ-303 300 g 0.001g
    EJ-410 410 g 0.01 g
    EJ-610 610 g 0.01 g
    EJ-1500 1500 g 0.1 g
    EJ-4100 4100 g 0.1 g
    EJ-6100 6100 g 0.1 g


    Part Number Description
    EJ OP-02 Quick USB Interface
    EJ OP-03 RS-232C Interface
    EJ OP-07 Underhook for EJ-3000/4100/6100
    EJ OP-08 Underhook for EJ-1500/2000
    EJ OP-11 Titlting Breeze Break
    EJ OP-12 Carry case
    EJ OP-13 Density Determination Kit


    A perfect solution as a teaching or instructional balance given it’s ease of operation, high flexibility, ease of storage and transportation plus the innovative features such as the density determination capability. Also ideal for field work where battery operation and a high visibility display are essential. Can be locked down to prevent theft so ideal for work areas with a high throughput of occupants.