Our name says it all. Labquip Technologies Is Your Reliable


On-Line Supplier For Quality, Named Brands of Laboratory Equipment Glassware & Consumables for almost 30 years. We offer a complete range for your Analytical, life sciences, Research or educational laboratory requirements.
The Brands include;
Ratek Inst-Thermoline-Labec-SEM and MORE !
Waterbaths, Stirrers, Mixers, Dryblocks, Ultrasonics pH Ovens
Glassware, Distillation, Flasks-Beakers, Metelware, Plasticware and Volumetric Glassware. 

Just to name a few Items in our range.


HR-A and HR-AZ Series Analytical Balance

BM Series-Micro Semi-Micro & Premium Analytical Balances


EJ Series Compact Balance

Syringe Filter: Teflon 30mm: .45um Cat.No. SFT304500

Solvent filtration:

Syringe Filter: Teflon 25 mm: .45 um Cat No.SF25450

Solvent filtration :

Syringe Filter: Nylon 13 mm: .45um Cat. No.SFT134510

Solvent  filtration:

Syringe Filter: Nylon 13mm .45um Cat. No SFN1345100

Solvent & Aqueous filtration: